May 11, 2023

Tickets are now on sale for Lili's June 22nd participation with two other artists in the Interactive Artists Performance Series. This is an In-The-Round night of music, where each artist takes turns with voice and guitar. The other two artists are Bobby Syvarth and Rameen Shayegan. Dina Hall is the producer for this event in partnership with Icehouse Performing Arts Collaborative. Lili has done these in the past and has always had a great time. She and the other performers get a chance to try out new songs, tell stories and interact with the audience in an intimate setting. The event will take place at the Icehouse 56 River Street, Bethleham, PA. Reserve now and pay cash at the door: RESERVATION

April 29, 2023

Photo by Lisa Jeanette

Last night at Jamey's House Of Music in Lansdowne, PA, the rain came down and you would have thought Lili would be singing to the chairs. But, there was in fact a sizable audience in attendence! The food was great, the drinks were flowing and the music was spectaular! Lili was in a trio setting with the incredible Sam Nobles on upright bass and the man who always keeps good time, the one and only Mr. Jonathan W. Whitney on percussion. Lili performed some favorites like "Something To Do", "Blindsided", "Another Place, Another Time", "Supposed To Be" and "The Wrong Time". She also premiered some new material, songs she had been working on since the pandemic. "Swim At Your Own Risk" the Steely Dan inspired song was one of the premiere highlights. In addition, Lili pulled out an old favorite from her first album, the timeless date night song "Tonight." Jamey's sound system brought out the best in Lili's music and Lili and the guys just gave their all. Lili's witty stortelling never fails to engage the audience with a feel-good laugh. Needless to say, a good time was had by all. Lili will be returning to Jamey's in the near future. Check Instagram, Facebook and here on Lili's website for performance updates.

April 8, 2023

Just in, an excellent review of Better Days (remastered) by Marc Myers from JazzWax! Marc Myers writes regularly for The Wall Street Journal and is author of "Rock Concert: An Oral History" (Grove), "Anatomy of a Song" (Grove) and "Why Jazz Happened." Founded in 2007, JazzWax has won three Jazz Journalists Association awards. Very cool that the album is still being heard and recommended! Click on the image above for the full review!

January 1, 2023

Lili's song "Dream Again", from her 2007 album has found a new home as a feature song in multi-award winning filmmaker Rock Wilk's latest project,"The Center Of Distance."

(Click on player to hear "Dream Again")

Born of a play-opening that was canceled due to the pandemic, The Center of Distance is the story of a woman who only knew her son for less than an hour, as he was placed in foster care immediately after she gave birth to him. Also a story of mental illness, family, adoption, difficult and sometimes life altering, irrevocable decisions, and the often-incredible resilience of the human spirit. The Center of Distance, in addition to the central theme of the story, was also created with the intention of being a veritable love-letter to the Bronx and New York City in general and was shot completely on an LG V40 smartphone. Rock WILK directs and is the sole actor in the film. Steve Peckman created the score, which is a collaboration of amazing musicians, who all recorded their work in their personal home studios. There is also a collection of gifted and accomplished singer-songwriters who contributed songs to the soundtrack of the story, and together, The Center of Distance is a true coming-together of great artists during a difficult time. Watch the trailer below

See The Film!


November 18, 2022

After a 2 year plus COVID drought Lili began performing again in 2022 and these were fun, energic performances with her band. The Godfrey Daniels show in Bethlehem, PA tonight began a new chapter. This is her maiden voyage with upright bassist Sam Nobles. With Sam playing upright and Lili playing acoustic guitar the music totally opens up in a way that brings her closer to the audience than ever before. In other words it's an intimate affair in the purest form. The two acoustic instruments compliment each other and Lili's singing is lifted up so that you can connect to it without any other distractions. This minimalist approach of expressing her music is in many ways moving it forward and allows Lili to express herself in a new and exciting way. For instance take the song "Bésos" that she recorded with her voice, guitar and the incredible David Pulkingham on lead acoustic guitar. It was released as a single and was well received with amazing positive feedback. While the show at Godfrey Daniels is the last performance for 2022, stay tuned for the 2023 calendar. Good stuff coming your way!

October 20, 2022

Lili and the band: Dale Melton, Chico Huff and Jonathan Whitney played to a packed house at UPTOWN! KNAUER PERFORMING ARTS CENTER in West Chester, PA. Wow!!! The energy was electric!

What a great turnout for a Thursday night where Lili and the band played 2 sets! The first set was Lili & the band kicking things off with "Something To Do" and ending with the New Orleans flavored "Thin Line." Lili kicked off the second set solo, pulling out some favorites and the title track from her 2007 release "Dream Again." Chills! Just Lili and her guitar! Nice to hear that one again. After Lili completed her mini-solo set the band returned to the stage and rocked out the night! They finished the set with the one-two punch of the mesmerizing "Out Of Control" and Lili's scorching rendition of the Ray LaMontagne song "This Love Is Over." Lili and the band received a roaring applause with a standing ovation. After a rough 2 years plus of COVID, venues are opening up with fans coming out and Lili is on a roll! Better Days are back for sure! So don't miss the next show November 18th "An Evening With Lili" at Godfrey Daniels in Bethlehem. An intimate solo show that's sure to be another memorable night of music! Buy Tickets

September 8, 2022


Lili had a great time sharing the stage in the round with two popular area singer/songwriters Jesse Terry, and Michael Braunfeld. The audience who attended 118 North in Wayne, PA were treated to a fabulous night of good food, drinks and music! Lili had participated in the same format back in July and it's always a blast to perform totally acoustic with just her voice and instrument. It's a special experience where Lili gets to share the stories behind the music in a more direct fashion than when she's playing with the band. Then there's the diversity of 3 performers on the stage with distinct songwriting and singing styles taking turns one song at a time. It makes for an interesting evening as maybe a fan of one of the artists get to enjoy the other two performers and to their delight find a new artist to follow. Lili will be returning with her band in October at the Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center In West Chester, PA. You don't want to miss that one!

July 7, 2022

(Pictured above from left to right: Kyle Swartzwelder, Lili, Phil Henry, Aaron Nathans, Avi Wisnia)

The Philadelphia Folksong Society was founded in 1957 by a small group of folk artists and enthusiasts. The organization offers programs of presentation, participation, and education throughout Greater Philadelphia and the nation. These programs present a cultural history of society and provide enjoyment to thousands of people of all ages. The Philadelphia Folksong Society contributes to the preservation of a vast variety of musical styles and historical perspectives. PFS has garnered international recognition and local acclaim through popular programs such as The Philadelphia Folk Festival, Fall Fling, and Spring Thing. This was a fun night of songwriters in the round presenting acoustic music with diverse musical styles and songwriting. Lili was very happy to share the stage with 3 distinct artists. Avi Wisnia was actually the host and performed a few songs as well. The venue was strictly a listening room without food or dinks. It was a wonderful event run by an organization that has a rich history in the music business.

June 30, 2022

Lili was thrilled to be the support act for Rodrigo Amarante! If you're not familair with Rodrigo's name, you would definitely know his music if you heard it. Rodrigo Amarante is a Brazilian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer and arranger. He is part of the bands Los Hermanos, Orquestra Imperial, and Little Joy, and released his first solo record, Cavalo, in Brazil in late 2013 and worldwide in May 2014. He also wrote and performed the (bolero style) narcocorrido "Tuyo", the theme song for the Netflix Original Series Narcos (2015) and Narcos: Mexico (2018), and wrote the score for the film Entebbe (2018).

With all Rodrigo's accolades he is a very humble and grounded person who hit it off with Lili backstage. Lili played to a packed house, whom the majority was Rodrigo's audience. But early in her set it was obvious that Lili had won them over. She performed an acoustic solo set as Rodrigo did as well. Lili was happy to be performing on the main stage which she was no stranger to. Through the years she has been the support act and headliner at World Café Live and it had been a few years since she performed at this venue, especially since COVID. So she was delighted to be back, doing what she does best, connecting with the audience and giving them a very memorable night of music!

March 4, 2022

Lili & the band: Dale Melton, Jeffrey Blount and Jonathan W. Whitney left a very big impression at the Deer Head Inn last year and were warmly welcomed back in March to reignite their firey performance. Indeed that's exactly what happened with an enthusiastic audience feeding their energy to Lili & the band. The Deer Head Inn is the oldest continuously running jazz club in the country and home of jazz in the Pocono Mountains, situated in historic Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania.

In 1962 Bob Lehr hired pianist John Coates, Jr., securing the Inn's legendary reputation in the world of jazz. John was the house pianist for the next 30 years and continues to perform here. Some jazz greats who came to the Inn and played with John include saxophonist Al Cohn, Zoot Sims, Stan Getz, Phil Woods and George Young. Nelson Hill and pianist Keith Jarrett would frequently sit in. Trombonist Urbie Green often stopped by, along with other greats as guitarist Harry Leahey, bassist Steve Gilmore and drummer Bill Goodwin. Additional performers at the Inn include saxophonist Dave Liebman, pianist/ songwriter Bob Dorough and more. So, Lili was thrilled and honored to be asked back to this historic venue and become part of the Deer Head Inn's lineup of talented artists that have graced their stage.

March 2, 2022

Lili & the band: Dale Melton, Jeffrey Blount and Jonathan W. Whitney had an amazing night performing to a packed house at Chelsea Table + Stage in New York for their first time there. Chelsea Table + Stage, located at the Hilton New York Fashion District, is New York's newest hotspot for intimate dining and music. The 120-seat venue features state-of-the-art sound and lighting, a 10-seat in-theatre bar, and lofted VIP mezzanine for private groups.

February 27, 2022

Lili & the band came out swinging at this exciting first 2022 show at Kennett Flash in Kennett Square, PA! It had been over 4 months since they last played live together and they definitely didn't miss a beat. The show was well attended and the band was ready. The fans were definitely ready, then the music exploded with "Something To Do" from the 2013 critically acclaimed release "I Can See Bliss From Here." This set the tone for the night.

Lili & the band then pushed full steam ahead with "Take It From Me", "Number One" and "Peace of Mind" all from the latest album "Better Days (remastered)." With Lili on vocals & guitar and her bandmates : Jeffrey Blount - bass, Dale Melton - keys and Jonathan W. Whitney - drums, percussion, the audience was in for great night of music. 9 out of the 11 tracks from "Better Days" were performed along with favorites from "Another Place, Another Time" and "I Can See Bliss From Here." The show was a big success and now Lili & the guys were warmed up or I should say they were hot! In a few days, on March 2nd, their next destination is New York's hottest new venue Chelsea Table + Stage at the Hilton Hotel, located in the Fashion District. New York fans await their arrival and word is that tickets are going fast!