I Can See Bliss From Here
Lili Anel

Some people just can't easily be categorized or defined. Boogie Down, Bronx-born and bred and Philly-based guitarist, singer/songwriter, Lili Anel is one of them. Comfortably existing in Blues, Folk, R&B and Jazz worlds, this Afro-Cubana storyteller in song is not just toying at it. She is the real thing. Like Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Phebe Snow, Cassandra Wilson, Joan Armatrading and Jose Feliciano before her, she simply does her thing and the categories/genres shift to her creative will, like bamboo in the breeze.

In 2013,Lili Anel released "I Can See Bliss From here", a CD that will prove to be not only her defining moment, but ours as well. Adult music consumers often complain about the poor creative quality of so much contemporary music. Well, "I Can See Bliss From Here" is not to be missed. Essentially, it is perfection. From song to song, Anel pours out her soul into an emotional gumbo. Each track bristles with the impeccable accompaniment of her band, featuring just the right organ, trumpet, guitar and saxophone solos at the ideal moment. This is the album that we've been waiting for, but could not describe. Lili has done her job, now it's up to us to do ours and grab it.

Homer Jackson,
PJP Director