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April 7, 2017
Advanced Sale - Bandcamp March 10th
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1. Another Place, Another Time (featuring Larry McKenna)
2. I Don't Care (Groucho's Blues)
3. It's Nobody's Fault But Mine
4. Forgotten
5. Traffic Jam In a One Horse Town
6. I'll Never Forget You

Produced by Lili Anel and Dale Melton
Recorded and mixed by Dale Melton at The Sandbox
Lili Anel - Vocals, guitar
Dale Melton - Piano, Hammond B3 Organ
Chico Huff - Bass
Jonathan Whitney - Drums, Percussion
Larry McKenna - Tenor Sax on Another Place, Another Time

©2017 Lili Añel, TwinTwo Music, BMI, Wall-I Records, except: Another Place, Another Time and I Don't Care (Groucho's Blues), by Lili Añel and Barbara Añel ©2017 TwinTwo Music BMI
“Traffic Jam In A One Horse Town” by Jef Lee Johnson ©2002 Malinda Davora Music, ASCAP
and “It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine” ©1927 Blind Willie Johnson, Alpha Film Music

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May 6, 2017
World Cafe Live- The Queen
Wilmington, DE


May 12, 2017
Steel City Coffee House
Phoenixville, PA




March 10, 2017

Another Place, Another Time is AVAILABLE TODAY before the official April 7th release. You can order the physical CD through Bandcamp and it will ship within 3 days plus you will have the entire album as an immediate digital download or you can pre-order through iTunes. With iTunes the EP will be availble on the official release date April 7th.


February 27, 2017

The first review for the new EP Another Place, Another Time was posted February 26th from music critic, Carol Banks Weber. Read on:

Lili Anel puts her heart on her sleeve for 'Another Place, Another Time'

"Strip away the guitar, piano, occasional B3 and sax, bass, and drums in Lili Anel's upcoming EP, and you still have a gem of a record, because of that voice.

The Philly-based Anel sings with a rawness that surpasses the music, the genre, and the assorted BS associated with the business of spreading the word. On the six-track, April 7, 2017 release (Wall-I Records), she inhabits the space of loneliness, sadness, and pure feeling.

Rarer still, she draws the listener in as she mourns the loss of loved ones, frets over wasted time, and grows ever more wistful. Her voice grows stronger and unwavering in parts-comfortable in the role of a blues crooner on a street corner right before discovery. Then that same voice is liable to break a little, scatting scattering rough shots by intention or happenstance." READ FULL REVIEW

February 26, 2017

The official release date for Another Place, Another Time is April 7th. However, it will be made available March 10th as an advanced sale through Bandcamp (Physical CD & Digital) and pre-sale on iTunes. With the iTunes pre-sale you can download a track when placing your order. With Bandcamp you can actually order the physical CD which will ship in 3 days long before the official April 7th release date. In addition, if you download the FREE Bandcamp app (IOS and Android) you will have access to UNLIMITED STREAMING on devices across the board including mobile, laptop, PC or Mac. Also, you can download the audio files in High-Quality WAV, Apple Lossless, FLAC, MP3s and more. You can use the Bandcamp app for discovering new music, save it on a wishlist and listen to full tracks for an extended period of time before deciding to make a purchase. Sweet! Bandcamp is very awesome!


Lili Añel (pronounced Ahn-Yell) considers music a calling. The musical visionary grew up in New York City where she discovered her passion for music. As a child Añel remembers singing along to her mother's Cuban, jazz and pop standard albums. Her mother supported Lili’s desire to join the church choir and her grandfather's recognition of how much joy singing brought to her served to set her feet firmly on the path of a career in music.

Currently residing in Philadelphia, Añel returns with her highly-anticipated, latest recording "Another Place, Another Time" due out early 2017. "Another Place, Another Time" is an EP of 6 songs, 2 penned by Añel, 2 co-written with her twin sister, Barbara and 2 covers. Another Place, Another Time's songs were recorded live with minimal overdubs. "They lent themselves to being more open and having space" says Añel. Lili Añel once again pushes the boundaries vocally and as a songwriter continuing to electrify her audience as well as attract new fans.

Palmetto Records released her first CD "Laughed Last" (1994), following with "Hi-Octane Coffee" (2001), "Dream Again" (2007) and "Every Second In Between" (2009). In 2007, JazzTimes Magazine said of Lili "…her songs are consistently excellent…" and proclaimed of her 2009 release "…a cd to blow your mind at first listen…". Every Second In Between (produced by Glenn Barratt) also made the All About Jazz 2009 Year End Writers Choice for the "10 Best New Jazz Releases" list, along with winning 3 New York Music Awards 2010: Best Singer-Songwriter, Best Jazz Album and Best Female Jazz Vocalist. On her 2013 release I Can See Bliss From Here, Lili teamed up with Dale Melton (The Melton Brothers) a friend and fellow musician who'd played in her rhythm section for over a year. The collaboration as co-producers has proven fruitful, delivering a profoundly honest and diverse recording. The songwriting on this, her 6th CD, is more musically diverse than any of her previous. Says Lili "these are the songs I want to put out to the world at this time. They reflect where I am right now". Musically drawing from Latin, Jazz, Folk, Blues and Pop, as much a hybrid as Añel herself, a New York-born Cuban-African American. The album was well received by critics and fans alike. READ MORE


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